Parfix has a wide range of quality sealants, adhesives and fillers for your building needs.  Available exclusively at Bunnings.

Product categories


From general sealants that provide protection, to a silicone that’s task or material specific, there’s a Parfix solution.


Whether you’re looking for flexible gap fillers, rigid fillers or expanding foam, there’s a filler to suit your project.


Parfix has a range of adhesives, from construction adhesives to wood glues, to ensure your hard work lasts and looks good.

Parfix Safety Data Sheets

Parfix All Purpose Silicone 300g SDS
Parfix Bathroom & Kitchen 300g SDS
Parfix Fast Grip 1L SDS
Parfix Foam Fill Triple Expanding 750ml SDS
Parfix Gap Filler 450g SDS
Parfix Maxi Nails 300g SDS
Parfix Multipurpose Int/Ext Filler 500g SDS
Parfix Multipurpose Interior Powder 500g SDS
Parfix PVA SDS
Parfix Roof & Gutter 300g SDS
Parfix Super Glue 3ml SDS
Parfix Window & Glass 300g SDS
Parfix Epoxy Adhesive 5 Minute Everyday - Part A SDS
Parfix Epoxy Adhesive 5 Minute Everyday - Part B SDS
Parfix Sugar Soap Wipes SDS
Parfix Maxi Nails Fast SDS